Dealership OK Deal

Example of a support ad.

The automobile dealership adds a $500 small mark up in finance while purchasing directly at cost from Dell Canada.

This incredible deal on a computer tower is passed on to consumers at around the $5975 price tag mark delivered to the home. The computer is now under warranty and service contract ready to mine cryptocurrency.

We are Going the extra mile at the dealership to help our friends and customers use computers to create an income with a profitable return on investment. Money is then used to help pay for the purchase of the newly used vehicle on hand.

The store computer mining display in the finance department mining cryptocurrency serves as the best computer display.Contact us today.

Consumer’s State

“I win with my new used vehicle”. Plus I generate an income when I get My Brand New Crypto Currency Mine. My Crypto Mining computer will be the best computer I have owned mining digital coins. Money created by the customer used to pay off a vehicle, while Under Factory Dell Computer Warranty for Four Years.

The consumer can then carry on mining digital coins until the vehicle is paid for in full.

Example of a support ad.

During the first year, all warranty calls will go directly through the store and to Digital Mind Coach. Digital Mind Coach Fees are paid $975 per year to service the contract, for 1 year, figured into the contract inside of the finance department at the time of purchase.

Most people will have the crypto mining education to run the computer by themselves after a 1-year term of service.

For the remaining 3 years of warranty, all services will be provided by Dell direct to the consumer.

At Digital Mind Coach we give the dealership the option to provide additional service when required in our zoom meetings complaints claims department.

Once engaged in the follow-up marketing zoom meeting calls Digital Mind Coach always explain to the consumer you can get another upgrade to a newer vehicle from your dealership with a similar deal at the dealership.

We always remind the consumer your new vehicle deal will create new pleasure while a computer generates household income providing an educational tool for the entire family to use daily. (Through the finance department More than 1 computer mine can be ordered and financed at the time of the vehicle purchase.)

Every consumer sold with 1 mining computer, sold inside of this e-commerce program will earn between $250 to $300 per month to help pay for the vehicle they just purchased. (ideal solution is enough computer mines sold up to 3 in a household to make a $750 vehicle payment)

In our example in marketing, on a new used vehicle rather than a 20 thousand dollar discount off the price of a new truck given to buying today, replace this discount with a computer opportunity program with the mining computers towers.

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This way the discount portion of the truck is now earning him or her money used toward paying for the vehicle.

The cryptocurrency generated by the mining computers must be claimed to Revenue Canada by the owner of the mining rig.

Banks like this extra income the client will have in their household income.

The nice hash website is where you mine your crypto currency. At Nicehash you create a digital wallet to hold what you have mined. Your digital wallet holds your bitcoin profits which are calculated by Nicehash online.

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Profits are then calculated in real time when you send your digital coins to your digital wallet at CoinSmart, at which time you can sell or trade your bitcoins or sell them and transfer the money to your bank account.

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The e-commerce program educating the community with new computers while they upgrade their vehicle may move a poor credit score to a good one with additional household income earned through cryptocurrency mining.

This advanced e-commerce program reflects upon the store in a very positive way creating repeat business.

People everywhere now have a new vehicle to enjoy and the most advanced new computer with liquid-cooled CPU and 16 gigs of ram sporting a 1000 watt power supply to enjoy.

This is a deluxe custom-built computer tower, design especially by Dell to mine cryptocurrency. This powerful computer will do your basic computer work or play games on the computer while not mining cryptocurrency.

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This computer income opportunity is perfect for any family or single person.

We ask all consumers to keep the box and packaging in case they need to send the computer back to Dell during the 4-year warranty.

Your family has access to the best technology, vehicle and Famly Plan Payment Plan.